"We are insured with your company and would like to express our appreciation of good stewardship. The well designed and worded annual report and share in profits are much appreciated." - Michael L.


    "We just finished a claim for the house with Ayr Farmers last week and we wanted to thank you for the fast, efficient and impressive work involved with our claim - from start to end we were very pleased." - Heather S.


    "We wanted to write a note to say thank-you for helping us through the claim. When something, like our water incident happens, it is wonderful to have Ayr Farmers Mutual there to help us make decisions. We appreciated that you quickly put us in touch with the people we needed to handle the situation and we appreciated that you kept checking on us, to be sure things were moving along. You were quick to get the people to our home, that we needed to halt the damage and get us on the road to recovery. " - Steve & Shirley


    "Mike was very helpful in explaining everything that was needed to make our cook stove safe and we really appreciated that. We are very happy to be connected with Ayr Farmers Mutual and glad we switched over. We’ve even told other people." - Jennifer & Robert


    "I received my refund from surplus cheques in the mail the other day and just wanted to thank you and your colleagues at Ayr Farmers Mutual for doing such a good job in managing the finances. In an era where the proverbial "bottom line" seems to be the primary concern for most commercial enterprises, it’s good to see that there are firms, such as Ayr Farmers Mutual, that can effectively balance fiscal responsibility with quality customer service." - Peter W.


    "Miguel, I just wanted to thank you again for looking after my insurance needs and to take the opportunity to tell you that you are a very pleasant, personable person and it has been a refreshing experience working with you. I am pleased to switch over to Ayr Farmers Mutual. I believe wholeheartedly that your personality and kind nature has made this change over an easy, pleasant one. You have done a great job for me and my business." - Teresa P.


    "I want to express my appreciation for the excellent service that was provided to me (following a recent claim). I found all of you including the crew of ’FirstOnSite’ very helpful and understanding. Mr. Seaman in particular was always available and he provided the emotional support that was so important to me. I made a good choice in choosing your company." - J.P. V.


    "I heard about AFM donation in the news, and wanted to say that it is wonderful to have you supporting recreation in Brant County. We aren’t a hockey family and it will be a rare occasion for me to ever go into that rink, but I’m glad to be doing business with a company that is supporting our community (even though you aren’t even located here!)." - Scott L.


    "I keep meaning to take the time to let you know how pleased we were with our claim service last month on our 2008 Toyota Tundra. Your staff was efficient, organized and friendly, making a bad time bearable. Thank you again." - Peter & Deanna W.


    "Thank you so much for helping us out with insuring our new home. The quick service you provided us was very much appreciated. We are very fortunate to have you as our agent and really value the excellent personal service you provide us!" - Joe A. & family


    "Just wanted to say thanks... you and Ayr Farmers have been great over the years and it occurred to me this morning that I have never told you that the level of service from reception through to your department is always first class." - Ralph H.  


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