Ayr Farmers Mutual is proud of its involvement in the communities we serve.



Ayr Farmers is a local company, owned by its policyholders. We are committed to supporting the communities that support us. To that end, Ayr Farmers is a strong contributor to local organizations, be it sports teams, charities, community events, 4-H and other worthwhile organizations.

Agricultural Associations

Our strong rural roots prompt the Board of Directors to offer financial support to local agricultural societies. Each year these agricultural societies are responsible for local fairs, a cultural tradition that goes back almost as far as the creation of mutual insurance companies. Ayr Farmers donates annually to the following groups: Paris Agricultural Society, Woodstock Agricultural Society, Ancaster Agricultural Society, Wilmot Agricultural Society, Burford Agricultural Society, and the Drumbo Agricultural Society.

To encourage the continued traditions of farm life, Ayr Farmers also supports many local 4-H clubs including the counties of Brant, Hamilton-Wentworth, Oxford, and Waterloo as well as the Ontario Holstein Dairy Youth.


Each of the agricultural societies listed above is comprised of dedicated volunteers who work tirelessly to produce annual fairs. Fairs are a staple in Ontario’s rural communities. Farmers can exhibit their crops and livestock; art and handicrafts are on display as well as midways for enjoyment and various forms of entertainment and spectacle. The financial support of Ayr Farmers helps to make these major events possible. We salute those volunteers who give so much for the betterment of their communities.

School fairs are a long standing tradition in our community. Three major fairs, North Dumfries School Fair, Keg Lane School Fair and Drumbo School Fair have been held every fall for almost 100 years. Ayr Farmers is proud to support the achievements of youth in the community in friendly competition.

Plowing Matches

Working the land, turning the soil and feeling the earth is part of agriculture past and present. Being a part of a rural community means being a part of that land.

Ayr Farmers offers financial support to the following plowing matches: North Wentworth, Brant-Six Nations, Blenheim Township and the North Dumfries Plowing Match.


Ayr Farmers is a proud supporter of the efforts of our local hospital foundations. These foundations play a large role and impact the lives of many of our policyholders. We applaud the efforts of the volunteers in these foundations and we offer our support to the Cambridge Memorial Hospital, Grand River Hospital and Woodstock General Hospital.

Post-Secondary Education Support

To honour the memory of Tim Whitehead, our friend and Board member, Ayr Farmers has established a scholarship at Paris District High School. This scholarship is awarded to a graduate student entering the field of economics with a strong proficiency in English and grammar.


Each year Ayr Farmers receives many requests for donations. We are pleased to be able to help as many organizations as we can. When looking at special requests for funding our focus is on agricultural and youth groups.


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