AFM is proud to provide scholarships of up to $500 to students whose parents or guardians are policyholders of Ayr Farmers Mutual Insurance Company. The Scholarship Program is open to policyholders who have sons or daughters currently or will soon be enrolled in post secondary educational institutions. Children of Ayr Farmers Mutual staff, agents and directors of are not eligible.


The 2017 Ayr Farmers Mutual scholarship essay topic, "Based on your previous consumer interactions and in your opinion, what Customer Experience Strategies are most effective?  Please provide examples"For more details, please view the application.


To submit your application, please include the following:

  • A completed application form
  • Proof of enrolment for your post secondary educational institution;
  • Your social insurance number for tax receipt purposes;
  • A brief essay (approximately 750 words) on the 2017 topic noted above.

All application packages must be received by Ayr Farmers Mutual no later than September 30th, 2017.

For more information please contact us at 519-632-7413 or 1-800-265-8792.
Rules and conditions are outlined in the application form which can be downloaded via the link below. 

Good luck!

Scholarship Application




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