Is my snowmobile or car covered on my property policy when it is stored in the garage on my property?

No. The property policies contain an exclusion that states that there is no coverage for motorized vehicles other than snow blowers and lawn tractors. Any other vehicle must be insured on an Ontario automobile policy.

Does the fire and theft coverage on my car also cover the contents of the car such as my suitcase?

No. The automobile policy provides coverage for the car and its equipment only. Contents in the car must be provided for on a property policy. Personal contents are usually provided for as contents removed temporarily from one's residence.

If I am injured in a friend's car, does my friend's automobile policy pay my medical bills?

The automobile insurance plan in Ontario provides a priority of payment rule. Under the priority, you would claim medical bills from your own automobile insurance policy first. If you don't have an automobile policy, you would then claim from the insurer of the car you were in at the time of the injury.

Can I buy "replacement cost" coverage on my new car?

No. The automobile policy has a "waiver of depreciation" coverage available. This coverage would remove the right to deduct depreciation from the value of your automobile when settling a claim for loss or damage. (Tires and batteries are excluded.) The coverage can be purchased over the basic policy and is available for 24 months from the date you purchased your new vehicle.

Does my automobile policy provide coverage for a rental car if my car is damaged in an accident or if it is stolen?

If the vehicle has been stolen, the basic automobile policy in Ontario provides coverage for loss of use if the policy includes theft coverage either under the "comprehensive" coverage or under "specified perils" coverage. In the event of an accident for which you are responsible, the basic automobile policy doesn't provide any coverage for loss of use. An endorsement is available named "Loss of Use" that provides coverage for the rental of a substitute vehicle if the insured vehicle cannot be used due to its damage in an automobile accident. If your vehicle is damaged through the fault of another party insured under the Ontario automobile insurance policy, rental coverage may be provided under your "direct compensation" coverage.

Is there any coverage under my automobile insurance policy for loss of income if I cannot work due to injuries sustained in an automobile accident?

Yes. The Ontario automobile policy has an extensive coverage section that deals with loss of income. The amounts payable are set out in the policy and if you have any questions regarding the adequacy of your coverage in this regard you should discuss this with your insurance agent or broker.

I have heard that Ontario has a "No Fault Automatic Insurance System". Does this mean that accidents don't affect automobile insurance rates?

No. The term "no fault" refers to a system under which each insurer pays for the damages to its own client's vehicles and it also means that there is limited recourse to compensation for damages through litigation in our court system. However, in every accident, "fault" or negligence is assessed and the party that is deemed to be responsible will have the accident shown against their policy. This may or may not result in an increase in premium dependent upon the rate structure and discounts that were applicable before the accident.

If I retire, should I get a lower premium?

Our rates, like most other companies, include lower rates if you are not driving to work and further discounts for seniors and retired persons.

Is my vehicle covered under comprehensive for hail damage?

Yes. The comprehensive coverage on the automobile policy provides coverage for "all perils other than collision".

If I loan my car to a friend, does my insurance provide coverage?

Yes. The automobile policy provides coverage for all licensed drivers that are operating your vehicle with your permission. However, if the driver is using your vehicle frequently, you should inform your agent or broker and he or she will determine if your policy should be modified.

When my child gets his or her G1 level license, do I have to call my agent/broker?

Yes. Your child should be added to your automobile policy as soon as he or she receives a G1 class license. There is no charge for the initial class license; however, a charge will be made on the policy when G2 class is achieved.

If I start to use my vehicle for any business pursuits, should I inform my agent?

Yes. The rating on an automobile policy is based upon the usage. If a vehicle is being used for commercial purposes, your agent must ensure that the coverage provided and the rate structure being used is proper considering your new usage.


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