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Auto Insurance

Ayr Farmers Mutual Insurance Company Protects Homes, Farms, Businesses and Vehicles in Ayr, Ontario

When accidents happen – we can relate. We’re familiar with the driving conditions you face each day, because we drive them too. Our goal is to repair your vehicle in a timely manner while you enjoy a superior claims experience that treats you like a neighbour, not a number.

Auto Insurance Policy Coverage

When you insure your automobile(s) with Ayr Farmers, you’re trusting a neighbour – someone who lives in your community and drives the same roads that you do. We want to ensure everyone in our community has the right coverage and is rewarded for driving safely.

Your Automobile Insurance Policy will cover:

  • Third Party Bodily Injury & Property Damage

    Protects you, and provides coverage for legal costs if someone is injured (or killed) by you, or if you damage their property while operating a vehicle. We always recommend opting for at least a $2 million limit.

  • Accident Benefits

    Covers your medical costs to pay for injuries and rehabilitation resulting from an accident, and/or possible funeral expenses, regardless of who is at fault. This coverage includes supplementary medical, rehabilitation and attendant care, caregiver, non-earner and income replacement benefits.

  • Direct Compensation - Property Damage (DC-PD)

    This coverage pays for damage to your vehicle and the loss of the use of your vehicle when you are found to be “Not at Fault” in the event of a motor vehicle accident.

  • Uninsured Automobile

    Protects you and your family if another driver hits you and they do not carry car insurance. This also allows coverage in hit-and-run scenarios, where you cannot identify the other driver.

  • Family Protection Coverage (OPCF 44R)

    Covers you and eligible members of your family in the event of an accident where you are not at fault and the other party has less insurance or no insurance at all. This also includes hit-and-run situations.

Winter-Proof Your Vehicle to Save Money on Car Insurance

Did you know switching your all-season tires for winter tires can help you save money on car insurance? If your tires have the "Winter Tire" symbol, this means they perform better in the ice and snow, and you'll be eligible for a discount on your car insurance. See "Save Money on Your Car Insurance" below for more tips or contact us for advice on your specific circumstances.

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Save Money on Your Car Insurance

In addition to the savings you'll enjoy with your auto insurance policy from Ayr Farmers Mutual, you can save even more if you:

Maintain a good driving record - The more years you are free of "at fault" accidents, the better your driving record will be. As a result, you'll enjoy lower rates. 

Bundle your car insurance - If you insure property with Ayr Farmers Mutual, you may be entitled to a multi-policy discount. 

Get winter tires - If your tires bear the "Winter Tire" symbol, this means they perform better in the winter months, and you'll get a discount on your car insurance. 

Retire - Are you over 65 and enjoying the retired life? You'll get a discount on your car insurance. 

Are a young driver - We offer discounts to drivers in their first years (G2 and G) of licensing. If you complete driver training, you'll save even more money. If you are away at school without a vehicle, we offer discounted rates as well. 

Get Even More Protection

Add more coverage to your policy to protect your family in case of a collision or other incident. You may choose to add:

  • Increased Accident Benefits

    If the standard limits for each of the included Accident Benefit coverages don't meet your needs, you can increase each limit as required. For example, you can increase the "income replacement" $400 weekly limit to $600, $800, or $1,000.

  • Collision

    Pays for losses when you are deemed “At-Fault” in an automobile accident, including in a single-vehicle accident (e.g., you drift into a ditch due to icy road conditions).

  • Comprehensive

    Covers specified perils other than those covered by Collision coverage, like flying objects (i.e., a stray stone hits & cracks your windshield).

  • All Perils

    Combines Collision & Comprehensive coverages under one deductible. Also covers the theft of your vehicle by someone in your household (sounds strange, but it does happen).

  • Protection Plus

    Protects your good driving record if you are at least six years accident-free. In the event of your first "at fault" accident, you keep your accident-free rating! (This protection cannot be applied to accidents resulting in any criminal code or major Highway Traffic Act violations.)

  • Rental Coverage (OPCF 27)

    When this option is purchased for your private passenger or travel trailer, you no longer have to buy the physical damage insurance coverage sold to you as a daily rate when you rent a car. This coverage applies to rented vehicles in Canada and the continental USA.

  • Farm Vehicles

    We insure vehicles that are primarily used on a farm with limited road exposure at a lower rate than most commercial and private passenger vehicles. These vehicles must not be used to deliver produce.

  • Business Use of Your Vehicle

    We offer coverage for people using their private passenger vehicle for visiting clients, for example. If the business use of your vehicle is used for deliveries or as a work truck, consider seeking Commercial Auto Insurance (see below).

  • Commercial Auto Insurance

    If your vehicle(s) is/are used commercially (i.e., your work van for your electrical business), we offer great individually rated commercial auto rates for light and heavy vehicles. Fleet Rating may be available for risks with more than three power units & trailers.

Auto Insurance Frequently Asked Questions

We often receive questions from customers about auto insurance. Browse through our most Frequently Asked Questions to see if yours is answered here.

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