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Seasonal Property Insurance

Ayr Farmers Mutual Insurance Company Protects Homes, Farms, Businesses and Vehicles in Ayr, Ontario

You've invested in seasonal property. Whether it's your family cottage, a small boat or a seasonal trailer, you take pride in your piece of paradise. Protect it with Seasonal Property Insurance from Ayr Farmers Mutual.

Seasonal Property Insurance Coverage

Your Seasonal Property Insurance policy will cover the following:


  • Building

    The main physical structure that is built on a plot of land (your premises).

  • Personal Property

    Loss or damage to clothing, furniture, appliances; basically your seasonal property's contents or stuff.

  • Detached Private Structures

    Buildings that are separated from the main structure (such as a detached garage, a shed, workshop, boathouses, and docks). If your boathouse looks like an actual house, make sure it is properly insured like one!

  • Additional Living Expenses

    If you have to vacate your seasonal property due to an insured loss, we cover the expenses related to your relocation.

  • Legal Liability

    Covers you when you are found to be legally liable for causing unintentional damage to others and their property.


  • Permanently Parked Seasonal Trailers

    If your trailer is parked at a trailer park, we can offer Seasonal Vacation Trailer Coverage that can cover the trailer, decks, storage sheds, awnings, and add-a-rooms. We must insure your primary homeowners policy in order to qualify for this coverage.

  • Towable Travel Trailers, Fifth-Wheel Campers & Tent Trailers

    If you have your property and automobile insurance with Ayr Farmers Mutual, we are able to add an extension for coverage for trailers that are not permanently parked and that are moved from site to site. This extension covers the road exposure, and can provide coverage for the contents of your trailer as well!

Things to Think About

Every property is unique, and some will need special consideration when it comes to ensuring your seasonal property is safe and has the appropriate insurance coverage.

Think about which of these aspects of property ownership apply to you, and discuss them with your Agent or Broker:

  • Boats & Personal Watercraft

    Some small boats may already have coverage under your homeowners policy up to a certain limit. You may want to consider increasing the coverage for your boat with a Boat, Motor & Trailer floater, or possibly purchase a Marine Policy, depending on your needs.

  • Renting your seasonal property to others

    We need to know if you plan on renting your cottage, as it presents a lot of unique liability concerns (i.e., What if someone is injured on your property?) We want to make sure you're protected.

  • Wood Heat

    If your cottage is heated by a wood stove, our loss prevention representatives will help you ensure that the appliance is safe and that it meets the minimum clearance requirements for combustibles.

  • Fire

    It takes a lot more time for a fire department to arrive, let alone set up a water supply to fight fires, on seasonal properties. Make sure the access to your property is as clear as possible - seconds count!

  • Burst Pipes & Water Damage

    Shut the water off and drain the lines when you're not at the cottage. Have someone check the interior regularly for signs of water damage.

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