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Home-Based Business Insurance

Ayr Farmers Mutual Insurance Company Protects Homes, Farms, Businesses and Vehicles in Ayr, Ontario

You followed your dream and launched a home-based business. Now it's time to protect your assets, yourself and your customers. We're here to help you protect your property, equipment, and legal interests with comprehensive coverage, at competitive rates.

Home-Based Business Policy Coverage

If customers visit your property, you need appropriate coverage for your home-based business. Unfortunately, your home insurance policy does not cover business operations. Our affordable Home-Based Business Policy offers excellent coverage for your business contents, as well as loss of income, crime and business liability.

Types of Coverage

The type of coverage you need depends on your business operations and circumstances. For example, are you renting a location to conduct your business, or do employees use their own vehicle for business purposes? These should be considered when thinking about which coverage to invest in.

  • Property Coverages

    Contents (including stock and/or equipment usual to your business).

  • Ayr Farmers Mutual’s “Automatic Extensions of Coverage”

    Your policy will include 25 extra coverages free of charge for your operations. This benefit is unique to AFM’s  commercial insurance for home-based business.  

  • Loss of Income Coverage

    If an insured loss causes your home-based business to temporarily shut down, we provide coverage (up to a certain limit) for lost income until repairs are complete.

  • Crime Coverage

    What if you or one of your employees has a deposit stolen while en-route to the bank? Our policies can provide some coverage for these types of unfortunate events.

  • Commercial General Liability Coverages

    These coverages are included with your Home-Based Business Insurance:

    Bodily Injury & Property Damage

    Coverage for injuries or damages caused to others property by your business operations or products.

    Personal Injury and Advertising Liability

    The financial damages owed and cost to defend you in court when the advertisements produced by your home-based business cause others a loss or injury (example: libel or slander).

    Medical Payments

    The medical expenses related to an injury caused to another on your home-based business’s premises (rehabilitation costs, for example).

    Tenants Legal Liability

    Damages caused to the property of others while you are renting another location to conduct your business.

    Non-Owned Automobile

    Can provide coverage for accidents involving the personal vehicles of your employees while using their vehicle for business purposes such as driving to the post office or picking up supplies.

  • Other Coverages

    These optional coverages may also be of interest to you:

    Sewer Backup

    Covers loss or damage to the church building and/or contents caused by the sudden and accidental leakage or escape of water from a sewer, septic tank, septic system, floor drain or sump pit.


    Covers damages caused by an earthquake to the building and/or contents (including snow slide, ice slide, and landslide as a result of an earthquake).

    Commercial Auto

    If you own a vehicle that is primarily used in the operation of your business, you will need to insure that vehicle on a Commercial Auto Policy. A personal automobile policy does not include coverage for business operations.

Did You Know We Provide Certificates of Insurance?

You may be asked to provide proof of coverage from a customer, or for a specific job. Contact your Agent or Broker, and they will help you obtain the proper information required and provide you with an official Certificate of Insurance in a timely manner.

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