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Our Difference

Ayr Farmers Mutual Insurance Company Protects Homes, Farms, Businesses and Vehicles in Ayr, Ontario

At Ayr Farmers Mutual Insurance, our strength is in our people. Our team, our values and our services make the difference in our customers' lives.

We're proven leaders in service

We're proven leaders in service.

At least that’s what our Policyholders and industry partners are saying. We sell insurance protection and service our claimants with integrity by delivering on our promises in a timely manner. We put ourselves in YOUR shoes when conducting business. We take ownership of, pride in, and accountability for our work.

We contribute to our communities

We contribute to our communities.

We're a small-town insurance company with a big heart. Our story begins with community and we never lose sight of our roots - in fact, Ayr Farmers Mutual started when a community came together to protect each other from loss. It's our mandate to give back financially to community organizations, projects, and clubs where we operate.

We provide a personal touch

We provide a personal touch.

With a team of dedicated Agents, we have the flexibility and experience to meet with you one-on-one to get to know you, understand your needs, and tailor your coverage precisely to you.

We work for you

We work for you.

We are owned by our Policyholders, not by Shareholders – that means that we always work towards the benefit of YOU – the Policyholder. Our business stays in Ontario. 

We build meaningful relationships

We build meaningful relationships.

The personal touch is important to Ayr Farmers Mutual and our team. The more we get to know you, the more precise our coverage and support can be.

We're invested

We're invested.

Several of our team members are active volunteers in the community, and they believe in giving back. You'll see us coaching, serving on boards and committees, helping food bank efforts, becoming volunteer firefighters, donating blood, and more. 

Refund of Premiums

Each year the Board of Directors makes certain that adequate funds remain in the Company’s surplus account to ensure current and future obligations can be met. They also consider if sufficient funds are available for the Company to continue to grow and assume additional risk each year.

When the Board of Directors is satisfied these obligations can be met, they can declare a refund from the members’ equity account.

How a Mutual Company Works

As a Mutual Company, we have two main sources of income – the premiums paid by Policyholders and our investment returns. Conversely, we also have two major costs – claim payments and operational expenses.

Premium & Investment Returns - These income sources are allocated towards the surplus, members equity, investing in the community, and refund of premiums.

Claims & Expenses - While we have control over certain premium incomes, operational expenses and investment returns, there is very limited control over the claims expenses.

A surplus ensures that we remain in a strong position for our Policyholders and that we have the ability to meet all our future obligations. As Ayr Farmers continues to grow, a larger surplus is required.

Insurance That Works As Hard As You

Please contact us and Get Started Today! One of our Agents will work steadfastly to provide you with the information you need. Just shopping around? No problem! Our Agents are happy to help provide you with information, so you can make the best decision—For You.

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