Does my homeowner's insurance policy provide replacement cost (new for old) coverage on personal property?

Yes. Our homeowner packages provide for replacement cost if actual replacement of the damaged item is affected.

Is my swimming pool covered by my policy?

Yes. The definition of "dwelling building" includes outdoor swimming pools and attachments.

Is my garden shed covered or do I have to list it separately on my policy?

Yes. Our Homeowners packages contain automatic coverage for "detached private structures". The policy contains an automatic coverage of 10% of the principal building amount for personal use detached buildings. Buildings that are used or were used for farming or any business use need to be specifically insured.

Are the contents of my garage covered?

Yes. The policy provides coverage for personal property that is usual to the ownership or maintenance of a home in any building found on your premises.

Am I covered if someone is injured on my property and they sue me?

Yes. Your policy contains liability insurance for claims against you for bodily injury or property damage arising out of your personal acts or due to your ownership or use of the premises.

Does my policy provide coverage to cleanup the debris from my premises after an insured loss?

Yes. Our policies contain coverage for debris removed within your limits of coverage.

Is my small boat and motor covered on my policy?

Yes. Our Homeowner Plus policy provides for coverage of up to $3,000 for watercraft and equipment. These are insured only for specified perils and theft or attempted theft. Be sure to discuss with your agent or broker.

Is my business use computer covered in my home?

Yes. Under the Homeowners Plus policy, coverage is provided up to $5,000 for business use tools and equipment while on your property. Your insurance agent or broker can advise you best in this regard.

Are the contents of my food freezer covered if the freezer breaks down and the contents are lost?

Yes. Our Homeowners Plus policy contains an extension of coverage of $3,000 for consequential loss of food freezer contents due to the breakdown of the freezer unit.

Are my child's contents covered while they are in residence at university?

Yes. Our Homeowners Plus policy includes an extension of coverage of up to $10,000 of the personal property limit for each student residing away from home.

If someone steals my house keys during a burglary, am I covered for the cost of changing the locks?

Yes. Our Homeowners Plus policy includes an extension of coverage for the lock replacement or re-keying of the lock up to $500 with no deductible to apply.

Am I covered if my sump pump fails and water fills my basement?

Yes. Our homeowners packages include the back up or escape of water from a sewer or the malfunction of a sump pump system.

Am I covered for the theft of personal money?

Yes. Our Homeowners Plus policy provides for the loss of money to a limit of $500.

Would my garden tractor and snow blower be covered under my policy?

Yes. The Homeowners Plus policy provides coverage for garden tractors under 25hp and snow blowers up to $15,000 in all. Also, the liability coverage includes the operation of these units automatically.

If someone steals and uses my credit card, am I covered for the unauthorized use if I followed all of the credit card contract agreement?

Yes. Our Homeowners Plus policy provides for up to $5,000 coverage for credit, automated teller, library or video cards, forgery and counterfeit money.

Am I covered if somebody sues me because my dog bites him or her?

Yes. The comprehensive liability portion of our home package policies extends to provide coverage for liability arising out of your ownership of domestic animals.

If I start to run a business from my home, am I covered?

No. The standard personal home policy doesn't cover operating a business from your home. However, we have a home run business package to meet your needs. Your insurance agent or broker can provide you with the necessary details to purchase proper coverage.

If I install a woodstove, should I inform my agent/broker?

Yes. Our packages include provisions that only a central heating system is in your home. Therefore, it is required that your policy acknowledge there is supplementary heat. Our Loss Prevention representatives would be pleased to ensure the safe installation of your appliance.

If I have a visitor at my home and their contents are damaged, can I claim on my policy?

Yes. Our package policies include an extension of coverage for uninsured property of others on your premises other than property of unrelated roomers and boarders.

Are my sports cards insured under my general contents?

Yes. Sports cards are covered under the Homeowners Plus policy up to a limit of $2,500 in all. If you have a collection worth more, see your insurance agent or broker to arrange specific coverage on your collections.

Is my antique furniture covered on my policy?

Yes. Coverage is available for your antiques but only for their depreciated value. For specific coverage of the antique value, see your agent or broker.

If I put a deck on the back of my house, am I covered for the additional cost to rebuild my home?

When making changes to your house, it is a good idea to inform your agent or broker to ensure your policy meets your current needs.

If I have a loss that I think may be a claim, should I call my agent/broker?

Yes. Definitely. Your insurance agent or broker is your best advisor in the event of a mishap. He/she can advise you if a claim is possible or advisable and at the same time give you some direction as to how to proceed.


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