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Protect yourself from the costs associated with events such as an underground water line leak or damaged power lines.

What is Service line coverage?

Service Line coverage provides payment for loss or damage resulting from a service line failure. A service line constitutes underground piping and wiring that is located at the residence and provides a service, such as delivering water or power to the dwelling or other structure from a utility or private water supply.

Coverage applies to homeowner-owned, exterior, underground:

  • Water piping that connects from the dwelling to a public water supply or private well.
  • Sewer piping that connects from the residence to a public sewer system or private septic system.
  • Power lines that provide electrical service to the dwelling or other structure.
  • Piping that connects to a heat pump.
  • Water or steam piping connecting an outside heating system to the dwelling.
Service Line Diagram

Most homeowners don’t know that they own the outdoor water and sewer piping from the street to their house, or that they are responsible for its maintenance and repair.

The cost of repairing or replacing damaged underground piping; wiring and outdoor property is not covered by most homeowner insurance policies. Total costs for repairs that may include excavation and damaged outdoor property can be $4,500 or more.

Total costs for repairs that may include excavation and damaged outdoor property can run into the thousands of dollars.

What is a service line failure?

A service line failure is physical damage that results in a leak, break, tear, rupture or collapse of a pipe or line. Physical damage can be caused by external events such as accidental intrusion or environmental conditions such as root invasion, deterioration, freezing and electrical arcing.

Loss Example: Sewer Line Collapse

An underground sewer line was found collapsed, and the damaged area of the sewer line was replaced with new piping.

Total loss: $5,614

Loss Example: Burst Water Pipe

An underground water pipe burst during a spring freeze. In addition to excavation and pipe repair, landscaping was required to repair a garden damaged in the process.

Total loss: $2,700


Limits of Liability

  • $10,000 per occurrence.


  • Physical damage to a covered service line that is the direct result of a service line failure.
  • Includes first-party costs for outdoor property, such as trees, shrubs, plants, lawns, walkways or driveways damaged during excavation of a covered service line following a service line failure.
  • Hotels, meals, rent, or other living expenses when a homeowner or family must leave its residence because of a covered loss, or for generators and other temporary equipment needed to remain in their home.
  • Includes expediting expenses.


  • $500, or follow homeowner's policy deductible.
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