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Family Fun Fest – A Community Party

Family Fun Fest – A Community Party

In 2020, Ayr Farmers Mutual marked its 125th year in business. To celebrate, we hosted Family Fun Fest on the grounds of the North Dumfries Community Complex and invited the community. 

One-Day Event Brings Out 2,500 People to Celebrate

Family Fun Fest was a one-day event filled with live music, food, family activities, and a few truckloads of inflatables. We were grateful to see over 2500 community members attend and enjoy our special day.

The singing talents of local legends Jack Demarest and Ella Whiting wowed us with solo acts while KW’s finest bands "Roy’s Garage" and "8 Second Ride" rocked the crowd. Adele from 96.7 CHYM FM was gracious enough to MC the event (thank you again, Adele – your community spirit is unrivalled).

Not a single ticket was sold at Family Fun Fest. Everything was free.


We wanted to see people come together and have a relaxing day of fun. Family Fun Fest was our way to say thank you for the 125 years of support that our community has backed us with.

Our communities have played a critical role in the success of our company’s history, and we will continue to do our part in protecting & caring for them in the many years to come.

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