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Summer Vacation Safety: Tips to Protect Your Home

As summer beckons us towards adventure and relaxation, it’s important not to overlook the safety and security of our homes while we enjoy summer vacation. Vacant homes can become easy targets for burglaries and accidents but with a few simple precautions, you can safeguard your home and enjoy a worry-free vacation. Here are some essential tips to keep your home safe during summer vacation:

1.  Secure Doors and Windows

Before leaving, double-check that all doors and windows are securely locked. Consider installing deadbolts on exterior doors for added protection. Sliding glass doors should have a sturdy bar or rod placed in the track to prevent forced entry. Don’t forget about garage doors – ensure they are closed and locked as well. 

2. Consider Investing in a Home Security System 

Installing a home security system can provide peace of mind while you’re away. Modern systems offer features such as motion sensors, surveillance cameras, and remote access via smartphone apps. Some even have alarm monitoring services that will notify authorities in case of a break-in or emergency.

3. Enlist the Help of Trusted Neighbours, Friends, or Family

Inform a trusted neighbour, friend, or family member about your travel plans. Ask them to keep an eye on your home, pick up any delivered packages, and report any suspicious activity. Having someone regularly check on your property can provide an extra layer of security and peace of mind.

4. Unplug Electronics 

To prevent electrical fires and save energy, unplug non-essential electronics and appliances before leaving. This includes items such as televisions, computers, coffee makers, and toasters.

5. Turn Off Your Home's Main Water Supply

Water leaks can happen anytime, but they're more likely to have disastrous results when you're not home and don't know it's happening. By shutting off the main water supply, you significantly reduce the risk of burst pipes, leaking appliances, or plumbing mishaps causing extensive damage to your property.

By taking these precautions, you can minimize the risk of burglary, vandalism, and accidents while enjoying your summer vacation. Remember, a little preparation goes a long way in keeping your home safe and secure. So, go ahead and embark on your adventures with peace of mind, knowing that your home is well-protected. 

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