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Jamie Terdik

Ayr Farmers Mutual Insurance Company Protects Homes, Farms, Businesses and Vehicles in Ayr, Ontario

Jamie Terdik is an Agent at Ayr Farmers Mutual Insurance Company. She provides a superior level of service for her Policyholders, helping them find optimal coverages for their personal and commercial insurance needs.

Jamie was born and raised in St. George by parents who both grew up on farms in the Simcoe area. She earned her bachelor’s degree in Health Science from Western University in London.

Following in her father’s footsteps, she began her career as an Insurance Advisor with The Co-operators in 2014. Prior to this she worked for several years as the Food and Beverage Manager/ Events Coordinator at Savannah Golf Links where she began playing golf frequently, a sport she still enjoys.

Jamie lives in Paris and enjoys good food and the outdoors.

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