Community Wellness Donation Project

Posted on Monday, October 26, 2020

Community Wellness Donation Project

We have 50,000 reasons to smile!

Community is the reason Ayr Farmers Mutual exists today. A group of farmers assembled over 125 years ago to protect each other from financial losses caused by fire.

Our community remains one of our most treasured gifts. We do what we can to give back to our surrounding communities with our time, energy, and finances. We believe in building strong & tight-knit places where we can all lean on each other when times are tough.

And right now, times are tough.

We are very fortunate to be living in an area where organizations exist that offer mental health support, food, shelter, and resources for those in need.

Even these organizations are facing challenging times. They have been forced to adapt to an unforeseen climate full of unknowns.

And yet, full of possibilities.

In the summer of 2020, Farm Mutual Re (our reinsurer, or 'the insurance company for the insurance company,') offered the opportunity for the Ontario Mutual Insurance Companies to further support our communities in the form of a financial donation. 

For Ayr Farmers Mutual, this extra contribution from Farm Mutual Re has allowed us to create our #CommunityWellness Donation Project. We have allotted a sum of $50,000 that will be allocated to 10 different organizations that are providing vital services to our communities during the pandemic.

Below is a list of the organizations that will each receive $5,000, in addition to our ongoing support to many other local organizations such as the agricultural societies, plowing matches, etc., that we support annually.

Ontario Christian Gleaners – Collect, process, and make available surplus agricultural produce for the relief of the hungry in overseas nations.

Brant Food for Thought - Contributing to a child’s ability to learn by facilitating and supporting Student Nutrition Programs in elementary and secondary schools in Brantford and in the County of Brant.

Brant Mental Health Solutions - Helping those who are suffering from mental health conditions and support for their families, friends, and loved ones as they navigate the complexities of mental health.

Brant Family & Children’s Services - Together we share the responsibility of nurturing, protecting, educating, and guiding all children, youth, and their families.

Food 4 Kids Waterloo Region - Ensuring there is no gap in children accessing food daily. By providing nourishment to children on weekends and during school breaks, they provide the ability for families to shore up depleted resources and improve food security.

Kids Ability – Supporting children and youth with physical, communication, or developmental challenges—regardless if they have a diagnosis or not. Their team works with each family to identify the goals that are important to them and then, together, develop a plan of action to make these goals possible—always with the family at the center.

Front Door Mental Health – They work with parents/caregivers, children, and youth who are struggling with life’s challenges such as emotions, behaviours, relationships, and mental health. They listen, offer support, and can help identify the next steps including access to other services.

One Roof - To maintain the health and safety of youth experiencing or at-risk of homelessness by providing hot meals, food hampers, clothing, hygiene products, and advocacy to the youth who frequent their services.

House of Friendship - Supports individuals and families in need of food, housing, community resources, or addiction treatment.

Wilmot Family Resource Centre - Responding to the needs of individuals and families within Wilmot and Wellesley communities through resident-centered planning and the provision of innovative programs, services and supports.

Please consider offering your time or financial support to any of these organizations if you are able.


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Community Wellness Donation Project

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We have 50,000 reasons to smile! Community is the reason Ayr Farmers Mutual exists today. A group of farmers assembled over 125 years ago to protect each other from financial losses caused by fire. ... Read more

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